arranged by Barry Galbraith

Chord Melody Solos by Barry Galbraith
Master New York Jazz Guitarist of the 1950s and 60s....

One of New York City's great jazz guitarists, recording session masters, and guitar teachers, Barry Galbraith taught many jazz guitar students at the end of his life.

It is typical of Barry Galbraith's careful preparation and considerate nature that he carefully wrote out many jazz chord melody solos.
His handwriting may not have been the best, but his musical ideas are still the greatest!
Unfortunately, he reproduced them using a "wet copier" (1970s mimeograph machine by 3M) for his students.
The copies were "hard to read" -- but the struggle is certainly worth it for students of jazz guitar. His passing has left us with many complex guitar arrangements of great beauty.

Up until now, these arrangements have been unavailable at any price. Some were occasionally passed around by his students, and only rumoured in guitar circles as "legendary arrangements."

As a Barry Galbraith student in the late 1970s, Andy Polon has recently been able to acquire a group of these mimeo-ed copies in very good condition. His copies became very funky with age.

He is making them available FREE OF CHARGE, with one condition:

They CANNOT BE SOLD in any fashion!

Play 'em, study them, use them to learn from,,,
but DON'T SELL THEM or charge for them in any way, shape, or form.
Many thanks for your cooperation.

Help Keep Barry's legacy alive! Long Live Melodic Jazz Guitar!

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some Joe Pass transcription from the Virtuoso album

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