To schedule a visit to this "one of a kind property" We will Get Back to You as quickly as possible. Bring Cash!

  • Please Bring Your Own Gun (BYOG).
  • And make sure to Double Park in the crosswalk--it's O.K. everyone does it.

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    1. What you'll Never see on East 25-26 St. & 2nd Ave.
    2. How to find Parking on E. 26st & 2nd Ave.
    3. your landlords
    4. this street Never looked this good
    5. the Homeless Shelter on 1st and 29th St.
    6. the local coffee near 453 on 2nd Ave.
    7. If you live here you need one of these--Trust me; I know
    8. Forget This--Not Available at this Location


    1. Junkies
    2. Alcoholics
    3. The Best Methadone Clinic on Second Avenue and 25th St.
    4. Near a Blimpies!
    5. Emotionally Disturbed Neighbors
    6. Typical Inner City "Sick-os"
    7. Mark "De Super Unique"
    8. Free Inner City Zoo once you move here!

    Drug Dealers or Brokers will receive a 2.5% (or an equivalent amount of crack) commission from the owner /or (the NYC Police Department--if they ever show up).

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