How To Retrieve and Reply to Email on
this companyís "Internet Computer"


Before you go any further, make sure you have your correct


You'll need both to retrieve email.

1) If The Computer is off, turn it on by:

a) Turning On the Power Switch

b) Turning On the Monitor Button on the RIGHT side of the Monitor

c) Tuning on the Computer using the Large Button UNDER the "DELL" Logo

d) If youíll need to print, turn on the Printer with the button in the MIDDLE of its right side. You can also do this later, if you suddenly need to print out a web page.

2) When prompted to, type in the Computer Password: ****.

3) Once Windows 95 is running, look for the icon labeled
INTERNET Netscape Communicator.

Double click on it. It will start the "web browser" we use: Netscape.

4) You will now see a SELECT PROFILE Screen.

You need to pick your Correct EMAIL CHOICE from this menu:

Double Click the Correct Choice for you, and the program will then both start the web browser, and dial up the Internet Service.

Wait for it to:

a) Connect to "My Connection"

b) It will show "Dialing attempt 1 of 5." Let it connect.

c) Then it will "Verify User Name and Password" (this isnít yours yet!).

5) You should next see the Erols Home Page. You donít have to wait for it to load fully (itís big!).

Look at the LOWER RIGHT corner of Netscape.

There are Four icons. Single click the SECOND from the LEFT (MAILBOX).

6) Now Youíre in Netscape MAIL.

Youíll see a box requesting your password.

Type it in -- one word only, all lower case. Then click "OK."

It will connect to Marbleís email server, and if there are any new messages it will show:
"receiving message x of x". If there are no new messages, it will stop, and the bottom border of Netscape Mail will read "No new messages on server."

7) You can PRINT OUT each new message if you wish. Use the PRINT icon, or "File" then "Print" on the Menu.

[Or you can copy it to a text file, save it on diskette, and take it back to your computer. See me for this.]

8) You can Reply to a message if you wish, either now or later.

Use The REPLY icon, or "Message," then "Reply" on the Menu.

The message will stay in this mailbox unless you erase it.

9) When finished, please disconnect FULLY:

a) Exit Netscape (click the X in the upper right corner, or choose "File/Exit")

b) Disconnect the modem connection! You do this by clicking on the little multi-computer icon in the lower right corner, to the left of the time display. On the menu that appears, click "Disconnect."

c) Shut Down Windows 95 in an orderly fashion:

i) Click on the Start Button in the computerís Lower Right Hand Corner.

ii) Click on "Shut Down".

iii) Choose "Shut Down the Computer" and Click YES.

d) When you see the prompt: "It Is Now Safe To Shut Down your Computer,"

TURN OFF the monitor and printer.

e) Turn off the Power Switch button so that its light goes off.

If you have any questions, or need a trial run, see me. Thank you!

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