Andrew D. Polon
343 E 30TH ST #9E,
NEW YORK, NY 10016-6433
(212) 725-1853
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Technical Writing
Business Writing
HTML Coding
Help Desk Manager
Web Site Design, Maintenance, Web Page Creation and Revision
Hardware/Software Setup and Support
Network Support, Windows 2000 Server and Workstation
ISP/Email Support
Multimedia Design and Production

  • Jan 2001- Dec 2003
    Corporation For Supportive Housing
    50 Broadway, 17th floor, New York NY 10004

    User Support Specialist/Webmaster
    At CSH I solicit, create, and publish on our Intranet a substantial amount of documentation and technical writing. This includes "how-to" guides, one-page help sheets, tutorials on PC procedures, software user texts, and other documentation. I also code into HTML any documents that the company needs converted into HTML format.

    I also conduct user training, both individually, in group settings, and using Net Meeting for individuals and groups.

    I have maintained two CSH web sites until recently, when the company switched to a ColdFusion based web site. My web site work included creating content for computer support and other programs as needed. I currently am working with the Resource Department converting the more complex HTML documents on our older sites to working ColdFusion content (database records). This includes a fifty-page user manual in creating and fulfilling state and Federal loans and grants, as well as an on-line version of our company HR policy manual.

    I also manage the CSH Computer Help Desk, including handling and assigning support requests, using Track-IT! software. I have provided on-site support to CSH offices in Oakland, Chicago, Columbus OH, Trenton, and Washington DC. Tasks there included troubleshooting DSL and frame-relay network disconnections.

  • 1995 - December 2000: PC Consultant.
    clients included:
    • Marble Collegiate Church , 1 West 29th St., New York NY 10001
      I've set up printer sharing hubs, and documented technical and financial procedures.
      This includes Win 9.x and System 36 support (5250 emulation cards, PC/System 36 data transfer, System 36 Query database reporting).
      I've serviced and maintained printers, including installing and configuring LEXI cards in PC printers for System 36 access.
      I've set up hardware and software applications, and trained users on them, including MS Word and WordPerfect 5, 6, 7, & 8.
      My business writing here has included Excel reports (church revenues/expenses, budgets, endowment stock returns, flowchart of the hierarchy of church employees), and various MS Word and WordPerfect documents, including a study on comparative benefits of local non-profits.
      I've set up dial-up and LAN Internet access and email clients, and resolved POP/SMTP issues.
    • DeMaggio & DeMaggio, LLP , 170 Broadway, NY NY 10038
      I help maintain an 8 user Novell 4.11 network.
    • Corlears School , 324 West 15th St., NY NY 10011:
      I configured a Win 95 peer-to-peer network, added new PCs to it and corrected malfunctioning workstations.
    • MPEN, 5 Union Square West , NY NY 10003:
      I worked with various Multimedia tasks, including digital audio editing, original music, and MIDI compositions.
    • Lisa Goodman Ensembles, Nyack NY:
      I wrote and posted the Lisa Goodman Ensembles web site .
    • Compushine 30 E. 60th St., NY NY 10022:
      I conducted one-on-one training in Windows, MS applications, Internet and email access.

    Technical writing samples are available on request. A few are posted at my documentation examples.

    Published works in 1996-7:

  • MIDI Music For Multimedia PC Presentations article, NADTP Journal, Jan. 1996.
  • How To Play Great Fingerpicking Guitar instruction manual (html, print versions).
          Sample chapters are on my music web site

    1995: Tech Support Specialist, FutureVision Multimedia
    300 Airport Exec Park, Nanuet NY 10954
    Tech support: phone/in-person support. Tech writing: documentation, tech faxes, "solutions" database.
    Documented fixes, wrote "help fax-backs". Multimedia CD-ROM support, resolved driver problems
    (VFW, Quicktime/Win, video, media, hardware drivers).
    Freelance Work: Hardware/Software setup. Software installation. Hardware installation/maintenance.
    PC setup, printer, postscript and memory add-ons. Training: WordPerfect 6.1, Word, Windows/DOS.
    BBS training, documentation (The Major BBS). Technical writing.

    1992-1994: Tech Support Specialist, Voyetra Technologies
    5 Odell Plaza, Yonkers NY 10701-1406.
    Technical support: phone/in-house/one-on-one. Software/hardware support. Phone training of advanced
    software features. Technical writing: trouble-shooting guide, "how to" sheets, list of supported hardware
    Live presentations, including product demonstrations at PC EXPO, COMDEX.

    1990-Jan 1992: Software Support, Beth Abraham Hospital
    612 Allerton Ave., Bronx NY 10467.
    Network support for CCM project, including custom database support, network applications.
    WordPerfect, Quattro Pro, Appletalk, 4DTools.
    Tech Writing: documentation, "how to" manual for CHAMP database, "Quick data entry" guide.

    1987-March 1990: Technical Salesman, Bookman Consulting Inc.
    67 Wall Street, New York NY 10005
    Represented TECKCHEK, a series of PC expert system skills tests for programmers. Led group
    presentations at Fortune 500 corporations of TECKCHEK tests. Created technical and sales material,
    sales contact and follow-up.

    1981-1987: Music Teacher
    Music training and instruction. Music performance and production.
    Self-produced LP MAD METROPOLIS.

    Workshop Leader, LEAP
    90 Riverside Drive, New York NY 10023.
    Designed and led teacher/student workshops and student performances.

    EDUCATION: Diploma, Microcomputer Technology and Sales, CDY, 1987
    Instructor, CDY Computer Sales Program (Fall 1990)
    BA Music; Hunter College

    Office 2000, Windows 2000, MS Outlook, Blackbaud, Raiser's Edge, Real World Accounting Software, Winzip, MS WIndows Media On Demand Producer, Real Audio Encrypters, Snapstream PVS, Cold Fusion, CF Forum 2000.
    WordPerfect 8, 7, 6.X (Windows/DOS), 5.X, 4.2, MS Office 97, Win Word 6.X, 2.X, MS Word 4.0. HTML editors: Arachnophilia, MS Frontpage, Flexed, Webit!, Home Page, Write.
    Excel, Excel 5.0, 4.0, 2.1, Q&A Write, Advanced Revelation Text editors, Lotus 2.X, MS Access, dBase III+, Act! Graphics: Micrografix Publisher, Halo Imager, Photo Finish.
    Email Handlers: Pegasus-32, Netscape, MSIE.
    Sound Editing and Sequencing: Sequencer Plus, Audioview, Windat, Sound Forge, Cakewalk. Telecomm: Procomm, Qmodem, MTEZ, Comit, The Major BBS, Bitware.
    Misc: Laplink, Norton Utilities, Video For Windows, Quicktime For Windows. MS-DOS 7, 6.X, 5.0, 4.X, 3.X. Windows 3.X, Novell 386, 3.11. Windows 95. Finale, other music notation software.

    Dell Optiplex, Cisco 1700 and 1600 routers, ethernet hubs, Dell Inspiron laptops, various other desktop and laptop pcs.
    XT, AT, Pentium, ISA/VESA/CUPID/PCI bus modem/fax cards, sound cards, video cards, network cards. HP laser printers (6P, 5si, 5P, 5L, 4si, 4M+, IIID, II), SIMMS. IRQ, ADDR, DMA settings, 5250 emulation cards (System 36), ports/hubs, nex 2000 network cards, peer to peer cabling.
    Audio recorders (tape/DAT/ hard disk), audio mixers, MIDI interfaces, time code generators. 86040 Macs.

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