This book was originally written by Andy well before his paralysis of his right side. This unusual event occurred in his sleep after a normal day.

It has taken me this long about nine years – to start tweaking my creative projects from when I was a successful professional and very active guitarist.

I'm sure you can understand that the process of reaching acceptance is a trying and daily challenge.

I have a substantial body of work from my approximately 40 years as a professional musician. Much of that work is in outdated formats.

My intention is to make them presentable for the current platform of portable devices and current musical delivery systems.

However the old version of How To Play Great Fingerpicking Guitar Even If You Are All Thumbs was formatted without working media links. Hopefully I have corrected that in the past three years.

My rather outdated personal website:

This introduction © 2015 by Andrew D. Polon. All rights reserved.

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