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TIAA-CREF's Minimum Distribution Option

A Practical Guide

What Are The Federal Minimum Distribution Rules?
What Is The TIAA-CREF Minimum Distribution Option?
How Is My Minimum Distribution Payment Calculated?
Why Is Choosing An Appropriate Beneficiary Important?
Whom Can I Name As A Calculation Beneficiary?
What Is A Calculation Method And How Will It Affect My Payments?
How Are My Minimum Distribution Option Payments Taxed?
How Can I Reinvest My Minimum Distribution Option Payments With TIAA-CREF?
How Do Minimum Distribution Rules Apply To Survivor Benefits?
Some Final Thoughts
I. How To Complete The Forms Package
II. Internal Revenue Service's Table A -
Maximum Life Expectancy Divisors
III. The Effects of Calculation Methods
on Life Expectancy Factors
IV. Conversion Options Available From The Minimum
Distribution Option
V. Glossary
Points Of Contact:
TIAA-CREF Toll-Free Numbers And The Internet

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TIAA-CREF Minimum Distribution Option

Provides you with a way to preserve your accumulations as long as possible while
automatically receiving the minimum amount required to satisfy federal minimum distribution rules.

The Minimum Distribution Option may be suitable for you if:

It may not be suitable if:

Example: If your accumulation is less than $10,000, it may be more beneficial to receive the entire balance in cash (if available under your employers plan) so you wont need to worry about satisfying the requirements in future years. The distribution will be fully taxable in the year of the withdrawal.

If you feel the Minimum Distribution Option is not suitable for your needs, you can elect to receive cash withdrawals or systematic payments (if available under your employer's plan) or lifetime annuity income each year on a portion of your accumulation to satisfy the rules.

If you are interested in reviewing all of the options for satisfying the minimum distribution requirements, please call our Telephone Counseling Center at 1 800 842-27756, and request the booklet, Minimum Distribution...Making Your Decision with TIAA-CREF.

The purpose of this booklet is to discuss what you'll need to know to make informed decisions when you elect TIAA-CREF's Minimum Distribution Option. To guide you through this terminology, we have included a Glossery in Appendix V.

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